Dancing for Confidance

By Zahra Jamal/The Other Press

November 6, 2002

“She’s back to dancing with a vengeance, and now she’s teaching others how to do it as well. Like many of us, Francesca Anastasi missed out on some of the things she wanted to do as a kid.

Although dancing was her passion from the day she took her first baby steps, times were tough and her parents could not afford to send her for lessons.

Her passion for dancing never died, and when she turned eighteen years old she decided to take ballroom dancing lessons. Although she had no prior experience, she was so good that she was asked to instruct the class after just a few months.

Anastasi has a natural gift, but she claims it was her love for dancing that honed those stepping skills. “I worked really hard to be where I am at,” says Anastasi, and now she wants to help others reach their performance goals at her dance school Confidance.

Like others who love to dance but can’t always manifest their passion into perfectly coordinated steps, Anastasi also had her share of bad leg-days. She abandoned dancing and then did not start up again until reaching her thirty’s.

“I had to work ten times harder as the others,” said Anastasi. It must have been worth it; her resume’ includes gigs for Much Music, The Titanic, the 2002 International Dance Festival, and much more.

Her most recent achievement is her dance school Confidance, for all ages and levels, where she teaches everything from Freestyle to Argentine Tango.



Teaching Wallflowers to Boogie

By Diane Strandberg/Tri-City News

June 26, 2002

“Everybody dance now!” could also be Francesca Anastasi’s mission statement. The Coquitlam dance instructor wants to get bystanders to shake their booty and she’s going to show them how.

Anastasi teaches monthly Freestyle Dance courses to people who want more confidence when the DJ plays their favourite tune. She simplifies the movements into three basic steps.

No more embarrassing moments, no more drinking the courage to dance — the program will teach the basics to musically-challenged dancers with two left feet.

Anastasi came up with the idea after watching people stand around an empty dance floor. She became known as the “water drinker” who wouldn’t wait for a crowd to materialize before she boogied.

“I’ve always loved dancing,” she said.

She wants to debunk the myth that it’s only for young, flexible, thin people.

Her dream to dance professionally came true and she brings a “can-do” attitude to her new business, CONFIDANCE.

Starting this fall, she will teach a new program that combines dance and fitness, a way of building physical fitness without the boring regimen.

Her courses are geared to adults who want to dance but don’t have the physical strength, dexterity or background for regular dance classes.

Since moving to the Tri-Cities 10 years ago, Anastasi has been pursuing her dream of becoming a dancer.

Her résumé includes various acting and dancing roles in films and TV series such as Titanic, Police Academy and The Lone Gunmen.

She has also acted locally with Studio 43 and coached, choreographed and taught at the Pinetree community centre.


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