"The most upbeat, fun and inspiring dance lessons I’ve ever taken were those taught by Francesca. Her enthusiasm, easy-to follow instruction and creative choreography have gotten me hooked on Hip Hop! It’s definitively an encouraging and confidence-building process… “

Debbie Tseng
Burnaby, BC

A wonderful dancer does not necessarily make a good teacher. Francesca is not a good teacher... she is an exceptionally gifted one. Not only does she know her craft really well, but can demonstrate it in such a way that it helps the student to grasp the technique with more ease. Using patience and humor, and keeping her focus on the students' requirements so they can enjoy themselves while advancing in there dancing ... it is dance instructors like Francesca that keep me inspired and motivated to continue reaching for more self appreciation and unbridled joy in my dancing experience. And it is an exciting thing when it spills over in all other areas of my life.

Ely Apeldoorn
Pitt Meadows, BC

“I found your instruction easy to follow. In particular, you have a manner of speaking that says 'It's okay. You'll get it. Relax and enjoy it. I'm going to help you. And that's a big plus for people (like me) who have never really felt at ease on a dance floor...”

John Greenan
New Westminster, BC

“Lots of fun and a great way to get in shape. Meet some great people too!”

Sandy McKinnon
Vancouver, BC

“Your way of explaining steps makes learning easy and fun. You got me hooked!”

Vincent Scarapocchio
Port Coquitlam, BC

“I enjoyed being able to feel free and have fun with dance moves that I had no previous experience at doing.”

Elizabeth Herbert
Coquitlam, BC

“I find that your instruction simplifies the most intricate moves and that makes them easy to learn and the process enjoyable. The exercises are great too. Very relaxed and fun class.”

Michelle Simmons
Coquitlam, BC

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